Choosing the right Yamaha motorcycle all weather coverChoosing the right Yamaha motorcycle all weather cover

Put your Yamaha motorcycle under all weather cover

If you do not have the ability to park your Yamaha motorcycle in a garage, hangar or simply under a roof, you should at least know the benefits of a cover when you do not use your motorcycle for an extended period. In fact, a cover protects your vehicle not only from rain and bad weather, but also from intense sun rays and prying eyes. At, you will find a full range of motorcycle covers and accessories for indoor and outdoor.


Parking in the street without protection is negligent and almost inexcusable. The wind and the weather attack your car without mercy, the elements have unlimited access, just like the clever little ones who put their paws on your property by jealousy, malice or intent to steal. The solution is a heavy cover with a safety device. It will allow you to enjoy your vehicle for a long time.

Where will the cover be used?

Think about how you want to use the cover: is your vehicle outside or in a garage?

Do you use the tarpaulin daily, for wintering or only occasionally?

Some specifications of Yamaha motorcycle all weather cover:

●      Water repellent

●      Frost resistant

●      Raincoat

●      breathable

●      UV stable

●      Tear resistant

How big is your bike?

The dimensions (length, width, height) are indicated on the registration certificate, part 1 (gray card). But beware: the windshield, luggage, top case and all other accessories increase the clutter under the cover! Compare the size of the motorcycle measured to the indications of the covers in the online shop or in the catalog.

To be perfectly safe, measure yourself your vehicle according to the schematic representation opposite (AE ratings):

A: Total length

B: Total height from the front, highest point to the ground

minus 5 cm

C: Height from the back to the ground minus 5 cm

(measure also possible top cases)

D: Total width from the front

E: Total width of the rear, turn signals

(measure also any luggage)

Note that covers with full-length elastic (A) have a tolerance of 15 to 20 cm. If, for example, the length of your vehicle is 15 cm longer than the total length indicated (A) of the cover, you can still use it.

What are the other points to respect?

●      For good air circulation under the cover, it should not quite touch the ground. For the same reason, the outdoor covers are partly made of breathable textile material and have ventilation openings.

●      The interior covers are intentionally not waterproof to prevent the formation of condensation under the cover.

Yamaha motorcycle all weather cover for “Slim Fit” indoor protection

The range of Yamaha motorcycle all weather cover is made from high quality materials and fits perfectly to the lines of your Yamaha. It is specially designed to provide unparalleled protection to your motorcycle parked inside or outside.

The cover in is of great elasticity, allowing an almost custom fit to your Yamaha. It also has mirror sleeves. Our covers offer “glove” type protection available for all motorcycle models available on the market. We carefully select the correct size according to the motorcycle model indicated when ordering.

Car Covers Are the New Garage

One of the first-rate methods to hold your vehicle in top condition and no longer ought to spend money often is by the use of a Car cover. You will not need to carry your car to the automobile wash to get it wiped clean, spending money every time the automobile looks too grimy to be respectable. There are so many automobile covers to be had on the market, you can not realize wherein to appearance when you do certainly want to move and purchase one to use on your car. So now we’re going to see a number of the one-of-a-kind kinds of covers that exist, and what each considered one of them is right for.

The Cove rite Lightweight Breathable Car Cover is a well-known cover, because of this it is not made especially consistent with the scale of your car. It will match many distinctive model motors. This cowl is made of a three-layer polypropylene device, and the centre layer is a breathable micro-pours layer.

This manner, the fabric is breathable, permitting water and moisture this is caught beneath the cover to break out and evaporate. But on the same time it protects your vehicle in opposition to all the factors outdoors. It protects towards frost, snow, tree sap, hen droppings and greater. It will defend your automobile from the UV rays of the sun and the heat from the solar. This cowl is lightweight, unlike a few different covers which can be bulky. So this cover is easily manageable and may be used on the automobile whilst it is moist or dry. This cowl is best to be had in a single shade, an stylish silver-grey. The rate is not too bad.

Another automobile cowl is the cove rite breathable tender indoor AR cowl. This vehicle cover is made handiest for use indoors, not outdoors. It is made out of a poly-cotton that breathes clearly and permits condensation under the quilt to get away. The cover is double brushed for a gentle end that protects the paint work of your vehicle.

The fabric protects towards dampness and continues moisture out. This prevents corrosion of the paint of the auto. At the same time the duvet protects from dirt, scratches and scrapes which can harm it. There are protected zips on both sides with the aid of the door entry factors to allow entry even as at the same time protective the sensitive finish of your paint work. This cover is available in a light blue cowl, and the rate of this one isn’t awful too.